NRG vs. Faze Clan

It is no secret that NRG and Faze Clan are two of the top esports organizations in the world, and based on Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, that’s a fact. NRG vs Faze Clan will be a rivalry to watch on July 27th and 28th as 8 players between the two orgs will be competing in both the solo and duo finals of the Fortnite World cup.

nrg vs. Faze

NRG vs Faze

The most recent encounter these two orgs had was in CS:GO at ESL ONE Cologne. In the group stage, NRG beat Faze 2-0. While the scoring in Fortnite is much different and there are many other players in the same matches, you can expect these two to end up near the top. Representing NRG for solos and duos is Benjyfishy, Mr Savage M, and Zayt and representing Faze Clan for both competitions, as well, is Dubs, Megga, Funk, and Mongraal, and for duos only is Nate Hill. These 8 players were able to qualify for the World Cups finals a total of 26 times with Dubs leading the way with 5 qualifications.


NRG have been involved with Fortnite competitive for a long time, signing Zayt in June 2018. In January 2019 they added Mr Savage M, and in March, Benjyfishy. These are some of the best of the best, and have tournaments wins to prove it.


Zayt has a very solid track record of high placements throughout fortnite’s competitive history:

  • Summer Skirmish Week 2 – 4th ($46,000)
  • ESL Katowice 2019 – 1st ($40,000)
  • Summer Skirmish Week 3 – 1st ($33,250)
  • Summer Skirmish Week 4 – 8th ($22,500)
  • Fall Skirmish Week 1 – 3rd ($18,125)
  • Total Earnings from 22 tournaments – $239,250

Mr Savage M and Benjyfishy

Mr Savage M and Benjyfishy are a relatively new pair in the competitive scene, but their performances are nothing to overlook. They were able to qualify for the duo finals a total of 3 times, being the second most to do so. They won Keemstar and UMG’s Friday Fortnite on May 31st against some of the biggest names in the game. While they do not have a long history of earnings, like Zayt, they are surely a team to watch out for.

Benjyfishy and Mr Savage

Faze Clan

While Faze Clan has been involved in Fortnite since the start of competitive, their World Cup qualifying players are somewhat new to the org. Dubs and Megga were recent additions after their insane performances in the World Cup qualifiers and the duo of Nate Hill and Funk were added after their 1st and 2nd place rankings in Week 6 and 7 of the Summer Skirmish, respectively.


Mongraal has just joined as of July 7th, he brings some insane skill to the roster. Here is a clip from his announcement on twitter:

With the decrease in the required age to participate in the World Cup versus previous tournaments,, Mongraal is now able to showcase his skills. With his duo partner, Mitr0, we can expect them to put on a show.

Nate Hill and Funk

Like Zayt, these guys have a long record of tournament earnings:

  • Fall Skirmish Week 6 – 2nd ($245,000)
  • Summer Skirmish Week 8 – 4th ($240,000)
  • Fall Skirmish Week 4 – 6th ($35,000)
  • Summer Skirmish Week 7 – 2nd ($33,000)

Dubs and Megga

This duo joined Faze on May 4th, 2019 after a crazy showing in the World Cup qualifiers. Dubs is ranked 3rd in NAE for average points per game (6.99) and 4th in total wins (29). Like Mongraal, age was the only thing holding them back from previous tournament wins, but the World Cup Finals could change that.

Dubs and Megga Fortnite


NRG vs Faze Clan is not a well known rivalry as of yet but after the Fortnite World cup, I would expect a fire to be started. Both orgs are bringing the best of the best to face off for a portion of the $30,000,000 prize pool. If that isn’t enough incentive for these players to give it their all, I don’t know what is. We should expect to see the highest level game play ever seen in Fortnite competitive, with this tournament have the biggest prize pool of any esports event in history.

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