Zone Wars

What is Zone Wars?

Zone Wars is a player created game mode in Fortnite Creative mode. It would ideally consist of 16 players and simulates competitive end game scenarios when many players are being forced in my the storm. Players typically spawn in different locations and are given some weapons and items to start off. Like Battle Royale, the goal of Zone Wars is to be the last player alive.

Fortnite storm closing in
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Why is Zone Wars a Great Way to Practice

In competitive matches, points are often awarded for placement. This means player must survive until the end of the game, and not just try to get as many kills as possible at the start of the match. This leads to final storm circles, or zones, to be extremely overcrowded. This picture shows just how crowded these zones can be:

Since these situations are not ones that we often encounter in normal game play, Zone Wars is a great way to experience this more frequently.

What will it Help Practice?

Zone Wars will put you in an uncomfortable position right off the start. There will be up to 15 other players looking to take shots at an unsuspecting player. Being able to “track” other players, or locate them from inside your 1×1, will give you an advantage over most players. With the zone pushing everyone to a new position, quick thinking, fast edits, and building mechanics will all play a part in your survival. Being able to experience these kinds of situations, every 5-10 minutes, will get you the repetitions needed to perform consistently during end games.

How do I get into Zone Wars?

Many professional players are playing Zone Wars on a daily basis, but you will not be able to join their games. They are playing with other pros to give them the best practice possible for tournament play. Unless, your favorite streaming is advertising “Zone Wars with viewers”. Then, you may have a chance to play against them. 

The best way to get into a custom lobby is to join a discord server. The Fortnite Pro League (FNPL) NA Discord and EU Discord have well over 100,000 members looking to join scrims, customs, or public match squads.

If you have a group of friends that want to give it a try, check out Enigma’s youtube for the most up-to-date map codes.

If you want to see how these custom matches are played, here is a link to Benjyfishy’s latest pro gameplay.

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