League of Legends Esport Setup and Current Standings

Since the start of League of Legends Esports in 2011, many professional teams have joined the stage to compete for prize money and fame. At first, Esport matches experienced a low stage of viewership due to the early stages of the game’s development, but through time were able to develop a mass number of players and spectators. It’s no wonder that last year’s final match between Fnatic and Invictus Gaming had a record breaking 99.6 million unique viewers. For context, this reaches almost the same highs as the Super Bowl. Amazed and intrigued by how far my favorite game has come, I will summarize the current standings in LoL for the season of 2019 and also include a brief description of how the matches are conducted on the big stage.

league of legends worlds arena

The Basics of League of Legends Esports


Esport LoL is divided into four distinct regions that include North America, China, Europe and Korea. These regions are independent of one another and teams only compete against other teams located in the same region. North America and Europe participate in the League Championship Series (LCS), which is composed of ten teams battling it out in the regular season (90 games) to earn a spot in the Playoff bracket. The bracket is made up of the top six teams from the regular season and is used to determine the final standings. Korea (LCK) and China (LPL) participate in similar series that coincides with the rules Riot has created for their Esport arena. Here is a link to the full analysis of on how League of Legends Esports is set up:


League of Legends World Championship

The LoL World Championship tournament is held within the months of October through November and is a stage where the best teams from every region gather to compete for the championship title, the 70 pounds (32 kg) Summoner’s Cup and US$1 million championship prize. Three teams for every region qualify and are chosen by the number of championships points they have acquired throughout the LCS season. In addition to this, the winner of the summer split automatically qualifies for worlds.

Invictus Gaming holding the Summoner's Cup after defeating Fnatic 3-0

There has been a total of eight LoL world championships throughout the world. The team with the most championships won is SK Telecom T1(3), followed by Samsung (Galaxy/White/Blue) (2) and finishing with Fnatic at third place with one. No team from North America has been able to win a championship and thus has been labeled as one of the weakest regions in the game, in terms of competition. The Finals location of LoL worlds changes every year and is expected to take place in Paris for 2019.

Current Standings as of July

North America

North America LCS is composed of 10 teams that include Team Liquid (TL), Team SoloMid (TSM), Cloud9 (C9), Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), Optic Gaming (OG), Golden Guardians (GG), Clutch Gaming (CG), 100Thieves, Echo Fox and FlyQuest. Out of the 80 games played in the summer split, Team Liquid leads the pack with a record of six wins and two losses. Right behind them sits TSM, C9, CLG and OpticGaming tied for second place with a record of five wins and three loses.  Golden Guardians places sixth with four wins as well as Clutch Gaming. At the bottom of the ladder, 100Thieves places seventh with Echo Fox following at eighth place and FLyQuest at tenth.


Europe is consisted of ten teams that include Fnatic, G2 Esports, Splyce, SK Gaming, Origen, Schalke 04, Rogue, Misfits Gaming, Team Vitality and Excel Esports. The best performing team is currently Fnatic with a perfect record of six wins and zero loses. The prestige G2 Esports rank at second place with five wins and one lose. Splyce follows next at third place with a record of four wins and two losses.  SK Gaming comes in at fourth tied with Origen and Schalke 04 at three wins and losses. Rogue is seventh as Misfits Gaming dwell behind them at eight. The worst performing teams are Team Vitality and Excel Esports (zero wins).


Unlike Korea, North America and Europe, the LPL is composed of 16 teams and play a total of more than 100 games for the regular season split. The main contenders in the LPL are Fun Plus Phoenix(1st place), LNG Esports (2nd place), Top Esports (2nd place) and Royal Never Give Up( 2nd  place)  Since the information and statistic is longer than usual and more complex, you can find their standing here at: https://watch.lolesports.com/standings/lpl/lpl_2019_summer/regular_season

Feel free to check other regions as well if you are interested on knowing the current standings in your country and rooting for your favorite teams!


The current standings of LoL pro play is subject to change. I found it quite surprising that one of the best teams in the world, Sk telecom T1 were at the bottom of the leaderboard. For the most part, the teams that are currently at the top of the leaderboard qualify for worlds annually and can be fun to watch them compete against each other at any time of the week. For more information about scheduled matches got to: https://watch.lolesports.com/schedule?leagues=lcs,lec,lck

You can also find anything related to the standings and team composition on the link mentioned above.

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