Confirmed Trios for Fortnite’s Upcoming Tournament
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Epic Games has announced their first ever Trios competition for July 13 and 14, two weeks prior to the World Cup Finals. This will be their first ever trios event after adding a trios playlist into the game a few months ago. The details of this event are still unknown. It could be an online qualifiers style competition or it could be linked to the solo/duo arena divisions. One thing we do know is that many professional players are beginning to announce who they will be playing with. Since the only Epic sanctioned events run thus far have been solo or duo, many teams will need to split up to join an existing duo. The trios that have been announced are building the hype for some intense matches.

Tfue, Cloak, 72hrs

Tfue and Cloak
Photo via Epic Games

The long time duo Tfue and Cloak have already established themselves as a dangerous pair, winning the $500,000 Fall Skirmish at TwitchCon last year. Picking up 72hrs, winner of week 5 of the Fall Skirmish Series and runner-up in the Winter Royale, makes this team one to watch out for.

E11 Stompy, E11 Tschiinken, and COOLER Aqua

Here is another team to expect to see at the top of the leaderboards. The duo of Stompy and Tschiinken were able to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in all 5 weeks of duo competition, being the only team to do so. Aqua, along with Stompy, qualified for both Duo and Solo finals in New York City. Keep an eye for these guys; they will surely meet the high expectations.

NICKMERCS, SypherPK, and Nio

Photo via SypherPK on Twitter

While NICKMERCS, SypherPK, or Nio were able to qualify for the World Cup Finals, these guys are surely the fan favorite. They are able to combine high level gameplay with a personality that can bring people together. Whether we see them at the top of the leaderboards or not, expect to see their clips on youtube and twitter the follow days.

Benjyfishy, and MrSavageM, and Mongraal

Benjyfishy and Mr Savage
Photo via NRG on Twitter
Mongraal twitter
Photo via Mongraal on Twitter

The young EU superstars have decided to team up and this might be the most promising trio yet. Mongraal, Benjyfishy, and MrSavageM have all qualified for both Duo and Solo finals in New York City. Mongraal is ranked 4th in total kills among World Cup Qualifiers and all three were able to qualify a total 4 times. You can check out my analysis of Benjyfishy’s gameplay but all 3 of these young pros are exciting to watch.

Bizzle, Zayt, and Saf

Another extremely consistent trio of pros is Ghost Bizzle, NRG Zayt, and Ghost Saf. Bizzle is the highest earning Fortnite player in history, earning over $512,000 in prize money. Zayt and Saf have been a dominating duo in NA East, qualifying 3 times for the Finals and placing 1st in the Katowice Royale 2019. Zayt also qualified for Solo Finals. Saf is ranked 1st in total World Cup kills with 798 kills in the 10 weeks of competition.

Animal, Aspect, and Bugha or Sentinels

Aspect and Animal
Photo via SEN_Animal on Twitter

The trio from Sentinels consists of some of the most consistent players in the Qualifier Semi-Finals, but came up short in the Finals. Bugha and Aspect did manage qualify for the Solo Finals and will surely put on a show in New York City. The long time duo of Aspect and Animal are only looking better with the addition of Bugha.

Dubs, Megga, and Clix

Dubs and Megga Fortnite
Photo via Faze Clan on Twitter

This final trio, like Mongraal and the NRG duo above, have all qualified for the Solo and Duo Finals in New York City. Dubs and Clix qualified a total of 5 times each between solo and duo finals. While these names are new the pro scene, this young team is incredibly talented. Look for these guys to do what they do best, place high and frag out.

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