How Benjyfishy Double Qualified for the Fortnite World Cup

Benjy “BenjyFishy” David Fish is a 15 year Fortnite pro from the United Kingdom and is regarded as one of the most mechanically skilled players in the game. After reviewing hours of in-game replays, I would also call him one of the smartest players in the game. Benjyfishy is currently sign with the Esports Org, NRG, along with his duo partner, NRG MrSavageM. Both Benjyfishy and MrSavageM qualified for the Solo and Duo Finals of the Fortnite World Cup.

Watching Benjyfishy play is an amazing sight. The speed of his edits, his accuracy, and decision making are what really stood out to me. His dedication to becoming the best in the world is evident in his gameplay and some say he practices for 12 to 16 hours everyday. I was able to pick up on some key factors of his gameplay from the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier matches to help you play more like Benjyfishy himself.

Benjyfishy Always Lands at the Same Spot

Pleasant Park

Benjyfishy will always land at the brown house, next to dog house, in Pleasant Park. It doesn’t matter where the bus starts, Benjy will always land here. I’m not saying that this is the best spot in the game to land but knowing you will always land at the same spot has its advantages. You can find the most efficient way to loot that area, knowing all the chest, floor, and ammo box spawns. This will help you get into the action faster to try to get early kills on a player who might not have found the greatest loot. When using a consistent landing spot, it helps to choose one that has enough loot, will not often be contested, has an easy way to escape, and is close to permanent mobility options (ie. vehicles, slipstream, or rifts). In Benjy’s case, The brown house contains about 5 floor spaws, a couple ammo boxes, and a chest but also has a secret basement with many more floor, ammo, and chest spawns. There are 2 ways to get out of this basement in case you are pressured from another player early on.

At the start of a match, especially a competitive match, it is crucial to prioritize harvesting materials early on. As you can see in this picture, Benjyfishy is breaking every item, prop, and wall in the basement to get as many materials as possible. Having max materials during the late-game is extremely important and it starts with maxing materials early on.

Fortnite pickaxe

Benjyfishy Knows Where to Position Himself

When it is said that a player is a “good decision maker”, it covers a lot of aspects of Fortnite. One of the most important decisions to make is positioning. Benjyfishy sets a great example on finding the best position possible to get himself an advantage. Another pro player that has shown his ability to out-position his opponents is Ghost Bizzle. Bizzle has multiple videos on his youtube where he qualified in the semi-final rounds without using a single weapon. In multiple weeks, he became one of only 3000 players to advance to the qualifier finals without using an actual gun.

One of the key points in Benjyfishy’s positioning that stood out to me is getting to the zone before it closes. Players who arrive in the circle after the storm has closed are easy picks for players who have already built cover and are looking to take shots at players being forced in. Benjy will position himself slightly inside the circle so the storm doesn’t become an issue and will look for players being caught in a bad position. Have you ever been in a match and it seems like every player left is shooting at you? It’s most likely because they know you are in a bad position and can take free shots at you. One tip that almost all pro players use is to edit and re-edit a wall so that it becomes transparent. Here is what that means:

By editing a single window then quickly re-editing back to a full wall, the wall begins to rebuild itself and you are able to see through it. This means you can gather information while still being protected. Along the same lines, cone peaking is another great strategy. If you build a cone on top of your 1×1 and start an edit on it, you will be able to see through it. Here is what it looks like:

Fortnite cone peaking

Another tip is to be cautious when trying to loot a player you just eliminated. Sometimes you will be putting yourself in a bad position and, as shown in Bizzle’s performances, a good position is always better than more loot.

Benjyfishy Looks to Survive Early and Frag Late


As you can see, almost all of the frags, or eliminations, Benjyfishy gets in a match are towards the end of the game. When points are awarded for placement, survival become crucials. Benjy will never take a fight during early game when he is not certain he will get the elimination. However, during late game he will play more aggressive and try to catch players off guard for easy elimination points. Benjy knows he always has his mechanical skills to fall back on when things get hectic. His edits are flawless and he is able to maneuver through builds with ease, giving him an advantage in final zones.

Benjyfishy Prioritizes Mobility Items

Mobility is a key part of survival in almost all late-games. Running through an open field will almost certainly get you eliminated. Mobility items such as shadow bombs, glider redeploy, launch pads, and sometimes shockwave grenades are very important items to carry. Some players prefer certain items over others but all players carry some form of mobility items, if they are lucky enough to find some. There are also some permanent mobility options on the map such as rifts, vehicles, ziplines, slipstreams, and sky platforms. Benjyfishy will prioritize the use of these and opt to save his mobility items for later. This is a great strategy to use since you will most likely not have a second chance to use a quad crasher or the slipstream.

Consistency is Benjyfishy's Middle Name

Benjyfishy match history

Benjyfishy is one of the most consistent players in the game. He knows his strategy, his strength, and his weaknesses (although there aren’t many) and plays the best he can. These are the match statistics from his Week 1 qualifying performance.

Benjy did not win a game the entire time but he did play very consistent and often placed near the top. He also has games where he was eliminated very early but he stayed calm and did not let it get to him. That is what consistency is about. Play the game to the best of your ability and stick to your strategy. This will help you identify areas for improvement for the next event.

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